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Top 35 Car Driving Safety Tips For Safe Driving

Top 35 Car Driving Safety Tips For Safe Driving
Top 35 Car Driving Safety Tips For Safe Driving

Top 35 Car Driving Safety Tips For Safe Driving

If you want to increase your chances of staying safe on the road, review these 35 driving safety tips for Car driving. No matter how skilled of a driver you are, it’s a good idea to reflect on the basics of traffic safety from time to time just to make sure that you are being careful enough to keep yourself and other drivers and walker – as safe as possible.

Car driving safety is more than just making sure everyone is wearing their seatbelt. Whether you are going for a long Drive or just around the corner, these cars driving safety tips are sure to be of help.

Safety is something that drivers should keep in mind at all times. After all, when you are operating a mechanized vehicle, you have a duty to do your part to keep the roadways safe for yourself, other drivers, rider, passengers, and others who may be affected by traffic accidents.

Hitting the road on your next trip? Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s with the kids or driving up the coast of Chandigarh, don’t leave home without our tried and tested driving tips. Read on to learn more about avoiding traffic, saving money and staying safe and staying awake! on your next road trip.

Today, we drive safer cars on safer roads, decades of advertisements and public information campaigns have made most of us safer drivers. As a result, the Chandigarh logged the lowest accident fatality rate ever recorded in 2010. Despite this progress, unfortunately, the number of auto accidents and fatalities nationwide is still quite staggering in 2010, there were almost 6k car accidents in Chandigarh. Leading to more than 50,000 deaths. What’s more, automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for people between the ages of three and 35 in this country.

Improvements in technology will continue to help bring those numbers down, but the bottom line remains that most car accidents are the result of human error. The best way to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident is to practice safe driving behaviors. Whether you are just learning to drive or you have been behind the wheel for decades, it is a good idea to review some basic rules for safe driving. Here are 35 Car driving tips that will help bring you and your passengers home unharmed.

Here are 35 Car Driving Safety Tips:

  1. Stays Alert – Actively pay attention to your actions and those of the drivers around you when you are driving.
  2. If you are deicing your windows never use hot water, it could cause the glass to crack and shatter.
  3. Keep an eye on the skies, and if you can, plan a route around inclement weather. A minor detour could actually wind up saving you major time.
  4. Avoid Assumptions – Do not make the mistake of egotistic that other drivers are going to do or what you think they should do.
  5. Lock all of your valuables especially items that are clearly gifts in the trunk or glove compartment and stow all luggage in the trunk. For more ideas, see Nine Ways to Keep Your Car Safe on the Road.
  6. Use Turn Signals – While you can’t depend on others always signaling their intentions when Car driving, you can certainly control whether or not they have realistic expectations for your actions. Always use your turn signals in advance of making a lane change or turning.
  7. Unoccupied child booster seats can become projectiles in a car accident. When not in use, store them in the trunk or buckle them in with a seatbelt to make sure they are secure.
  8. Buckle Up – Wearing your seat belt is a necessary Car Driving safety tip for drivers. Not only are you more likely to get injured in an accident if you are not wearing a seat belt, you can also be cool for failing to do so.
  9. Follow Traffic Signals – Pay close attention to and obey stop signs and traffic lights.
  10. Keep your car’s trunk and/or hatch locked and secured at all times.
  11. Respect Yellow Lights – Remember that the intent of a yellow light is to notify drivers to slow down and prepare to stop. A yellow traffic signal should not be viewed as a sign to step on the gas to rush through an intersection before the light turns red.
  12. When traveling on a road trip, make sure your vehicle is not a target for theft. Never leave roadmaps in plain sight and store luggage in your hotel room at night.
  13. Come to a Complete Stop – When you see a stop sign or a red light, it’s important to bring your vehicle to a complete stop, even if you think no other vehicles are coming.
  14. Test your garage door’s reverse sensor regularly by placing a roll of paper towels in the door’s path. If the door does not directly reverse after contacting the roll, get the door repaired.
  15. Do Not Text and Drive – It is never acceptable to send text messages when operating a motor vehicle.
  16. If you do not know this one, shame on you. Never drink any alcohol before your Car Driving trip. While you may not become intoxicated from one beer, you will become sleepy.
  17. According to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you should not leave your car in cruise control when driving late at night or when you are If you fall asleep at the wheel, your car could crash at the speed set on the car’s cruise control.
  18. Make Adjustments for Weather- When the weather is less than perfect, such as rainy, snowy, or foggy conditions, use extra precautions when Car driving and follow Safety tips for staying safe in the particular situation you are facing.
  19. Not even a GPS app is infallible, especially in remote areas, so we recommend bringing a detailed map or road atlas as a backup just in case.
  20. The National Safety Council reports that about every 30 minutes someone is killed in an alcohol-related crash in the Chandigarh. Every two minutes, someone is injured. Never drink and drive always take a taxi or arrange for alternate transportation.
  21. Before Starting a long drive, always get enough sleep and eat a snack or meal. Highly caffeinated beverages are not necessarily the best way to stay awake while driving. While initially, you will feel more alert, the effects can recede with time, and your attention may wander although you remain awake.
  22. Be Predictable – Do not make sudden stops or lane changes. Instead, take care to ensure that other drivers are likely to be able to predict your actions to maximize safety.
  23. When traveling with kids, be sure to stop often, not just for snacks and potty breaks, but also for fun. See a cool playground along the way? Pull over and throw a Frisbee around. You will also want to pack toys, books, and music for the car, not to mention your motion sickness remedy of choice. For more ideas, see the car driving tips on Forever Driving School
  24. If you are driving a rental vehicle, familiarize yourself with the car and all of its equipment horn, brakes, and hazard lights. For an amusing but true look at this issue, see The First 15 Minutes of Your Car Rental.
  25. Never drive under the Influence, It is essential to avoid operating a vehicle if you have been drinking, taking certain types of prescription or non-prescription drugs, or are otherwise impaired.
  26. Know the laws along your route concerning cell phone use while driving. While it may be valid in one place, it may be banned in another, and ignorance is not typically an acceptable excuse for a violation. Here is a handy chart of cell phone laws by Chandigarh keep in mind that this information can change at any time. However, even if it is valid to talk on a cell phone where you are going, it is usually safest to use a hands-free device.
  27. Yield Right of Way – When other drivers have the right of way, be sure to yield to them. Also, don’t make the mistake of assuming that everyone else will yield to you when they should. Regardless of who has the right to go, yield if it seems that the other driver may not be observing standard practices for yielding.
  28. Respect Stopped Vehicles – When passing vehicles that are stopped on the side of the road, move over to get out of the way if the way is clear for you to change lanes. If changing lanes is not possible, slow down while passing stopped vehicles.
  29. Pull over and take breaks every couple of hours, even if you don’t feel sleepy. Grab a snack, get some fresh air and stretch your legs by walking around. If you need to, take a quick nap.
  30. Use Headlights When Needed – Headlights aren’t just necessary at night. When you are Car driving in the rain or fog, turning on your headlights can play an important role in keeping you – and those around you – safe on the road.
  31. If you do have to pull over, move your vehicle off the road. Never park on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane for any reason except an emergency.
  32. Share the Road – Remember that you are not the only driver on the road. An important safety trip that everyone needs to follow is the need to share the road with others graciously, recognizing that all drivers deserve to be treated with respect.
  33. If you can, share the driving responsibilities with someone else. This will allow you to keep an eye on each other while driving and also enable you to nap without losing time. If you are Car driving alone, turn on the radio or put on some music, and keep your window cracked open. You may want to refrain from using your cruise control if you’re driving alone at night, having to concentrate on maintaining your speed can help you stay awake.
  34. Proper Vehicle Maintenance – Take care to ensure that your automobile stays in good working condition. This includes keeping fluids topped off, performing schedule engine maintenance, making certain tires have plenty of air, and ensuring that the vehicle’s exterior lights are functional at all times.
  35. Before setting off on a long car trip, be sure your vehicle is in prime condition, that tires are properly inflated, all fluids are at their proper levels and you have a full tank of gas. For particularly long road trips, you may want to have your mechanic do a more thorough check.

Stay Safe on the Road

Follow these 35 Car safety tips for driving- and all of the rules of the road – and you’ll be on your way to being a conscientious and responsible driver.

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