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Top 11 Car Driving skills for Ladies

Top 11 Car Driving skills for Ladies
Top 11 Car Driving skills for Ladies

Top 11 Car Driving skills for Ladies

Top 11 Car Driving skills for Women who want to learn Car Driving

  1. First and Foremost in Car Driving – a cool mind with passion and confidence to drive a car. Car driving is not at all a hard job. In fact, when a 19-year-old boy, an illiterate and a 60-year-old uncle or aunty can drive a car, how is it that you cannot drive? Definitely yes – It is the very lack of difficulty to drive a car…
  1. Understand the car before beginning driving lessons. Learn about the clutch, brake, how to change gear and brakes and clutch position to slow down the car. It is mandatory to know the difference between the brake and accelerator pedal.
  2. You can accelerate or slow down by pressing the clutch plate, followed by a change in gear and releasing pressure from clutch with simultaneous foot pressure on acceleration.
Accelerate – UpShift   Slow Down – Downshift
Speed Gear Shifts Speed Gear Shifts
Move Car from 0  1st Gear 35 Kmph Down Shift to 4th Gear
10 to 12 Kmph Shift to 2nd Gear 25 Kmph Down Shift to 3rd Gear
20 to 22 Kmph Shift to 3rd Gear 15 Kmph Down Shift to 2nd Gear
30 to 35 Kmph Shift to 4th Gear 10 Kmph Down Shift to 1st Gear
40 to 45 Kmph Shift to 5th Gear    
  1. Keep in mind, it is not a race. Slow Driving is Safe Driving. Relax and be Cool and Follow the Lane Driving path.
  2. Observe. Notice your family members while driving – steering wheel handling, seating position, how they press brakes without any difficulty, how smoothly they shift gears. Also, do not forget to Wear Seat Belt before Driving a Car.
  3. Starting the car is the 1st step and you should start and take the first acceleration smoothly. Our instructor’s advice for new learners:
  • Make secure that Gear is on Neutral
  • Switch on the ignition
  • Put Left Foot on the clutch paddle perfectly

Time to Change Gear – Shift from neutral to first gear along with your Left Foot releasing the clutch slowly. You may also use right foot at the same time press accelerator quietly and softly

Hurray!! The car has started moving. You can slightly increase the speed and shift gear to 2nd by again pressing clutch paddle and shifting to second gear using left Foot followed by pressing the accelerator slightly.

  1. Before applying brakes or taking side turn, never forget to see rear view mirror or side rear mirror to check distance. There could be someone who may be looking to overtake. Do not forget to use the indicator at a nominal distance before taking turns.
  1. Follow Traffic Signals, Rules and keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Do not often change lanes and do not quickly accelerate or decelerate the car.
  1. Stay away from Attending Phone Call while driving – It diverts attention. While overtaking, keep calm and overtake gradually.
  1. Do not try to change gears frequently in short spans. Try to maintain speed according to the traffic conditions.
  1. Stopping the car – Slow down the car by lowering the gear to either 1st or 2nd gear. Press clutch paddle and gently use the brake to decelerate. When you have reached the desired parking spot, stop the car, remove the key, and pull your foot away from the clutch paddle and brake gently to avoid a jerk. Now apply the handbrake and exit from the car.

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