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How Much Time Required To Learn Car Driving in Chandigarh for Beginners?

How Much Time Required To Learn Car Driving in Chandigarh
How Much Time Required To Learn Car Driving in Chandigarh for Beginners?

How Much Time Required To Learn Car Driving in Chandigarh for Beginners?

How much time does it take to learn driving a car? How long does it take to learn to Car driving in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Baltana, Zirakpur?

We think – Learning car driving means handling the Car Brakes, Clutch, Steering, and accelerator, that’s it, RIGHT!

Want to drive a car in a day? In a twink, a straight day! But what matters is how you manage the car? In traffic, where you have to use the brake and clutch many times. Highways, higher speeds. Sloppy or hilly roads, where your handbrake helps! Some impulse of driving can only by the expert through practice and building up experience.

Learning Car driving is essentially learning the traffic rules. Handling the car comes while you are learning the rules while learning Car driving training. Even an unprofessional can handle a car.

Time taken to learn to Car drive is dependent on the way you choose to learn whether by yourself or by a Driving School. The minimum time taken is 15 days to learn to car drivers and get an idea of a body of the car but to really learn to drive in excessive traffic, narrow roads, judgment of sides, uphill and downhill, and grasping reversing can take even weeks. I suggest you to Forever Driving School for Chandigarh candidates who are starting to learn to Car driving.  

Commonly, it confides on the speed at which you learn. As driving a car is a practical exercise so it can only be achieved with steady practice. For fresher’s, it may take up to 15 days (for most of the people) to get their feel on the car. This is the minimum time needed for them to get their hands on the car perfectly.

One of our Customers previous experiences

“a few months back, while learning driving at Chandigarh, India (although my instructor was proud of my driving), one time, I failed in the practical exam for my driving license. Not wearing a seat belt can fail you. Such is the strictness in Chandigarh. Why are we not disciplined? Why don’t we imply all the rules and regulations? Policies are meant to be followed.”

You should prefer Forever Driving School that has well-experienced instructors who have driven a car in various places and believe me, they are far better teachers and experts in their field and can teach you actual driving.

What we do, see all around, look out from the window – laxness of road rules everywhere – even our family members, neighbors, everyone is in a hurry, no patience. There is a need for total recondition. It starts with us. The next thing you are going to read is the best points that I earned in my experience while training with Forever Driving School.

Our elemental Road Rules and Our independence

  • Drivers shall use the hand signals or vehicle indicators to indicate slowing down, stopping, turning or overtaking – What we do -We don’t have time for such ‘nuisances’…
  • We must drive our vehicles on the left side of the road- What we do -We follow the easier path right, left, middle any which way we can get through…
  • Drivers must follow lane discipline. If turning to the left, the vehicle must be in the extreme left lane of the road and vice versa. What we do – Lanes and their speeds? What and where are they….
  • Drivers must give free passage to fire service vehicles or ambulances. What we do -rather we will take the advantage and try to stick with ourselves before the ambulance…
  • Light Signals: What we do – ‘Red’ means some have stopped; I don’t have the time but an opportunity to go off…
  • Overtaking of another vehicle moving in the same direction must only be done from the right side of that vehicle. What we do -Neither the vehicle in front will give side nor do have the patience to overtake through right only, our liberty says depending on availability: right or left…
  • Right of Way at unattended intersections- Vehicles already proceeding on that road or approaching from the right-hand side and only then proceed – what we do – It’s my right first, what are his brakes for…
  • Signboards: What we do – Where and what are they…
  • What we do -Stopping vehicles anywhere on the road is our right…

These points should always be kept in mind.

I think, in spite of it is tough but – all simply available instructor must be prevented, learning through registered driving schools should be made compulsory, availability of driving license to be made after such classes (there are an online application or YouTube Videos to learn traffic rules).

A Change in our mindset towards road rules at all places should be there. In School, Children must be taught road rules, rights and obligations through Junior Schools to higher secondary.

We need an entire renew the traffic system.
If you have the Curiosity for Car driving, so shall it be! You will learn as early as you NEED it to be.
Have a safe driving!

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