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How a Visit to Forever Driving School in Chandigarh Got me excited to Learn Car Driving Again!

How a Visit to Forever Driving School in Chandigarh Got me excited to Learn Car Driving Again!.
How a Visit to Forever Driving School in Chandigarh Got me excited to Learn Car Driving Again!

How a Visit to Forever Driving School in Chandigarh Got me excited to Learn Car Driving Again!

This post is a part of the Safe Car Driving Chandigarh series powered by Forever Driving School Chandigarh.

Confession Time: I don’t know how to drive a Car. Who needs a 2-wheeler in Chandigarh, Panchkula or Mohali only to get stuck in the infamous traffic? You cannot even maneuver it like a 2-wheeler in the peak hour traffic. This might be a sour grapes kind of excuse.  Forever Driving School one of the best Driving School Chandigarh   

The genuine logic behind my opinion or a little hesitation to have not learned to drive a Car even as I cross the mid 20s threshold has to do with my earlier experience with driving schools. The trouble I went through has left me unenthused about the complete prospect where the trainer is either so disinterested that he just mumbles clutch, brake, accelerator and hopes you to become the best driver, or is so uneven around the edges in his guidance that holding a Car steering wheel becomes the stuff of nightmares. Moreover, most of the driving schools I have come across hardly have a complete procedure for guidance.

As someone who continually struggles to strike a balance between theory and practice, I desired to understand everything there is to be understood before getting on the road. I was afraid that more than in my life, I would be answerable for someone else’s too. One mistake and someone pays the price. Earlier, the amount of priority placed on the aspect of common duty derived from reading transport rules is often minimal.

However, I was in for a shock when I got to visit Forever Driving School, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Baltana, Zirakpur. As I entered their premises the 1st fact that caught my eye was the large open area, with slots for parking. I was later told by Hitesh Gaur, manager at the Forever Driving School Chandigarh, indicating at the yellow lines, that space is used to guide the candidates how to park within those drawn boundaries. Arguably, one of the trickiest parts of Car driving.

Extra time, you might become the Best Car Driver at moving forward, but using that reverse gear to pull yourself to the recommended space is an art that needs to be mastered with skill. In an age when new driving schools are mushrooming in a mere 120 sq.ft of the area, Forever Driving School stands apart from its event for delivering what its students need confidence. Confidence that they can drive a Car on the roads that might disappear after a heavy shower, confidence that they will be able to hold the attack of erratic drivers, confidence in handling themselves at the attack of changeable weather and traffic environment.

Forever Driving School makes sure that you are learning and are on the way to progress through the careful keeping of records.

Upon enrolment, Candidates are given a kit, which includes a Daily progress card — something that cannot be found in any of the other driving schools in the city Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali.

There is a series of activities including Mandatory Stops, Roundabout, and side-by-side Parking, against which your daily progress will be marked.

I do not understand about you, but recording my improvements and mishaps really support me. Also, there is one more record in the car, where the Candidates give feedback on the trainers. This second-way feedback loop demonstrates how Car driving needs to be meted.

Secondly, there is a strict Car driving Checklist that is followed much like any other School syllabus.

The new learner Car Driving course is a 15 day, 7.5-hour course, which is made up of 3.5 hours of theory, 3.5 hours of simulation and 7.5 hours of practicals.

However, they are not instructed in chunks but at the same time. After 2 hours of Car driving theory class, you are granted to sit in a simulator. If you have nothing road sense, the simulator helps you get aware of the basics of Car driving as well as prepare you before you get on to the actual road. The 5 levels of simulations S1, S2, T3, T4, and T5 will teach you easy maneuver like moving and stopping S1 to navigating in high traffic condition T5.

But the novice in you can feel free, as you are subjected to traffic navigation simulations T-series only after 4 Car Driving theory classes.

In fact, the focus on strengthening basic important theory is display by the exams conducted at the end of the Car Driving course, so that Candidates are aware of the rules and regulations as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

This includes Information about the fine levied if you do not wear a seatbelt or do not have an L marked on your windshield, among others.

You are also provided with a handbook edging these rules and signposts in detail so that even if you forget them, there is something handy to remind you of your duty.

While at the Forever Driving School, I got to talk to one of the students, Manjeet Singh.

It is too good. It is my second time over here. I have done my Learner’s Car Driving License. I am coming for the advanced Car Driving course here.”

Coming from Chandigarh Sector 46, Manjeet Singh. Was all smiles as He was explaining to me how content he was with the service. One specific visible feature of the service He mentioned made my introvert heart leap with joy, During practical Car Driving classes, there is no one separate from the trainer and you. That is, no prying eyes from the back seat making you nervous, you can absolutely focus on the learning. Such one on one focus is not often found in other Car driving schools, as per my opinions. So, if you are like me and hate to be noticed by strangers, Forever Driving School is perfect for you.

Additionally, they have a 24/7 line open, if you have to reschedule your Car Driving classes or have run into some difficulty while Car driving, help is just a call away. The 24/7 open line is instituted taking into mental analysis all Students, including those who do late night and early morning shifts and might not be able to contact them in a typical 5am-to-10pm window. Call Now +919041685192

In fact, since their intensification matrix is well described, you can anytime know where your complaints and concerns have reached and make sure that they are always heard.

Additionally, Forever Driving School understands that Car driving is a complete process. Now that you know how to operate a car, it does not mean you have learned all that is there to Car driving. Forever Driving School makes sure you also learn the mechanical aspects of driving a car, including oil and AC checks, and changing the tires of a car.

Training a driver these service aspects of a car makes him more responsible towards the car as well as himself.

It is not amazing that every month more than 500 Candidates enroll at the Forever Driving School Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur, Baltana branch.

As I write earlier, visiting Forever Driving School made me realize that my wide-ranging binary positive statement that learning Car driving is either a dreary or a horrifying affair may have been too premature.


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