Sector 34 Chandigarh

Are You Looking For Car Driving Classes In Chandigarh?

Are You Looking For Car Driving Classes In Chandigarh?
Are You Looking For Car Driving Classes In Chandigarh?

Are You Looking For Car Driving Classes In Chandigarh?

If You are Looking For Car Driving Classes In Chandigarh? If YES! then you are at the right Website. Book Your Car Driving Classes with Forever Driving School, Book Car Driving Lessons, Course and Training also In, Mohali, Panchkula, We Are One Of The Most Highly Recommended Car Driving Classes In Chandigarh, Forever Driving School was established in 2017 and now has a wide range of qualified instructors, making them amongst the highest qualified in the driving industry and hold the following qualifications collectively

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Forever Driving School Providing Quality Car driving Training Classes in Chandigarh, The ability to drive is a vital skill to have‚ whether for practical moments, such as picking up the Candidates from Home, Work, College, School or other Place, or fun times, such as planning a trip abroad. So if you have to drive for business, or just want to drive for pleasure, having a license can be your ticket to fun, freedom, and independence.

For those who are new to the road, Chandigarh can be a daunting place to drive‚ but it needn’t be. If you’re keen to pass your practical test and are looking for driving Classes in Chandigarh, then Forever Driving School has qualified driving trainers all over the area in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula.

Forever Driving School professional driving trainers in Chandigarh boasts a 99% first-time pass rate which is almost double the national average! Whether you’re looking for weekly Car driving Classes in Chandigarh or Intensive Car driving lessons – Forever Driving School provides both of these highly sought after services and can help you with your requirements.

Forever Driving School welcome learners from all walks of life, from those who have just turned 18 and are looking for their first few Car Driving Classes and want to take advantage of our newcomer offers, of course to those who are on a budget and looking for affordable packages or intensive courses. Forever Driving School offers a range of driving Classes in Chandigarh, so you’ll feel confident in any type of car. Or if you just want to get on the road as soon as possible, we also have intensive courses designed to get you through your practical test with the minimum of stress. So whatever your reasons for learning.

The Most Highly Recommended No 1 Driving School in Chandigarh, Forever Driving School cover most of the areas in Chandigarh, providing cheap Car driving Classes in Chandigarh for those who want to learn Car driving quickly. If you are looking for a reliable driving school in Chandigarh then Forever Driving School Can help you become a more confident and safe driver In Chandigarh, without breaking the bank!

Forever Driving School network covers the following areas to provide Car driving training, intensive driving Classes, crash driving courses and driving instructors training in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula.

Chandigarh Area Covered By Forever Driving School:

All Localities in Chandigarh Covered By Forever Driving School

Sector 10 Sector 22-D Sector 38 West
Sector 10-A Sector 23 Sector 38-A
Sector 10-D Sector 23-C Sector 38-B
Sector-11 Sector 24-C Sector 38-C
Sector 11-A Sector 24-D Sector 38-D
Sector 11-B Sector 26 Sector 4
Sector 11-D Sector 27 Sector 40
Sector 12 Sector 27-A Sector 40-A
Sector 12-A Sector 27-C Sector 40-B
Sector 14 Sector 27-D Sector 40-C
Sector 15 Sector 28 Sector 40-D
Sector 15-A Sector 28-A Sector 41-D
Sector 15-B Sector 28-C Sector 42
Sector 15-C Sector 28-D Sector 42-B
Sector 15-D Sector 29 Sector 42-C
Sector 16 Sector 29-D Sector 43-A
Sector 16-A Sector 30 Sector 43-B
Sector 16-D Sector 30-C Sector 44
Sector 17-A Sector 30-D Sector 44-A
Sector 17-B Sector 31 Sector 44-B
Sector 17-C Sector 31-D Sector 44-C
Sector 17-D Sector 32 Sector 44-D
Sector 17-E Sector 32-A Sector 45
Sector 18 Sector 32-C Sector 45-A
Sector 18-A Sector 32-D Sector 45-B
Sector 18-B Sector 33-A Sector 45-C
Sector 18-C Sector 33-C Sector 45-D
Sector 18-D Sector 33-D Sector 46
Sector 19 Sector 34 Sector 46-C
Sector 19 Sector 34-A Sector 47
Sector 19-B Sector 34-C Sector 47-C
Sector 19-C Sector 34-D Sector 47-D
Sector 19-D Sector 35 Sector 48-A
Sector 20 Sector 35-A Sector 48-C
Sector 20-A Sector 35-B Sector 49-A
Sector 20-C Sector 35-C Sector 5
Sector 20-D Sector 35-D Sector 6
Sector 21 Sector 36 Sector 61
Sector 21-A Sector 36-A Sector 7
Sector 21-B Sector 36-D Sector 7-C
Sector 21-C Sector 37 Sector 70
Sector 21-D Sector 37-A Sector 8
Sector 22 Sector 37-B Sector 8-A
Sector 22-A Sector 37-C Sector 8-B
Sector 22-B Sector 37-D Sector 8-C
Sector 22-C Sector 38 Sector 9
Manimajra Burail Sector 9-C
Industrial Area Ram Darbar Colony Dhanas
Industrial Area Phase I Industrial Area Phase-2 Madhya Marg

Mohali Area Covered By Forever Driving School:

All Localities in Mohali Covered By Forever Driving School

Phase – 1 Sector 107 Sector 68
Phase – 3 Sector 108 Sector 70
Phase 3B2 Sector 109 Sector 71
Phase – 4 Sector 110 Sector 79
Phase 7 Sector 111 Sector 85
Phase 8 Sector 112 Sector 86
Phase-9 Sector 113 Sector 88
Phase 10 Sector 114 Sector 91
Phase 11 Sector 115 Sector 97
Aerocity Sector 116 Sector 98
Balongi Sector 117 Sector-100
Banur Sector 118 Sector-103
Bhabat Sector 121 Sector-106
Chandigarh-Ropar Road Sector 126 Sector-122
Dera Bassi Sector 127 Sector-123
Kharar – Landran Road Sector 53 Sector-124
Kharar-Banur Road Sector 55 Sector-125
Kharar-Kurali Highway Sector 56 Sector-54
Khera Sector 57 Sector-58
Kurali Sector 59 Sector-65
Lalru Sector 60 Sector-69
Landran Banur Road Sector 61 Sector-73
Mullanpur Sector 62 Sector-74
Nayagaon Sector 63 Sector-76
Old Kalka Road Sector 64 Sector-77
S.A.S Nagar Sector 66 Sector-78
Sector 104 Sector 66-A Sector-80
Sector 105 Sector 67 Sector-82

 Panchkula Area Covered By Forever Driving School:

All Localities in Panchkula Covered By Forever Driving School

Sector-2 Sector-11 Sector-24
Sector-3 Sector-12 Sector 25
Sector-4 Sector-12 A Sector-27
Sector-5 Sector-14 Sector-30
MDC, Sector 5 Sector 15 Kalka
Sector-6 Sector 16 Morni
Mansa Devi Complex Sector 17 Pinjore
Sector-7 Sector 18 Raipur Rani
Sector-8 Sector 19 Surajpur
Sector-9 Sector 20 Sector-10

 How Much Car Driving School fees in Chandigarh?

Driving Course fees in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula Car Driving Class No. of Days Km Types of Car Fees (Rs)
1 Four wheelers Driving Classes 15 Days 120 Hatchback 3000
2 Four wheelers Driving Classes 15 Days 120 Sedan 4000
3 Four wheelers Driving Classes 15 Days 120 SUV 6000

 Why Choose Forever Driving School?

  • We are reliable and honest
  • Fully Qualified Instructors
  • Train with the best to be the best
  • Free pick up from Home, Work, College, School or other Place.
  • Friendly and reliable driving instructors delivering high-quality Car driving Classes
  • Very Competitive Rates
  • Pay as you take lessons, no pressure for block bookings
  • Intensive Car Driving Lessons
  • Nervous Driver Course
  • Mock test Simulation
  • Defensive Driving Classes
  • Driving lessons at evening, weekends and bank holidays without extra charges

If you searching for Car Driving Tips for Beginners/Learners – check out here Top 9 Car Driving Tips for new Learners

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We look forward to hearing from you and helping you pass fast and first time with your intensive driving courses in Chandigarh.

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