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Forever Driving School is the best driving school.We have well trained instructors.We offer affordable fee to our learners. Forever Driving School is the best driving school.

Forever Driving School

Who We Are

Forever Driving School is One of the best Car driving school in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali. We have well trained instructors.We offer affordable fee to our learners. Welcome to FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL. Learning to drive is not just about getting a driving license but is an essential skill for life. That said, this is the “About FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL” page so here are a few facts about our company. We love cars, teaching and road safety! FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL is one of the largest driving schools in the Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and is arguably the most progressive (how’s that for bragging?!). But seriously, the reason why our School has become so successful is because we deliver great value for our customers. Most of our Instructors undertook their training with us (we are also one of the largest training schools for Instructors in the Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali). We emphasize to all Instructors joining FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL how important customer service is. We want our customers to be completely satisfied and when things do occasionally go wrong, we strive to sort things out quickly. Lessons can be booked online or through our call center, which is India based. You can call us six days a week but we prefer online booking and with “My FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL”, you can book lessons and manage appointments 24/7. We encourage our customers to pay FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL in advance for lessons so that we in turn can pay the Driving Instructor only when the lesson has been deliver Forever Driving School. If for any reason, you decide to cancel pre-paid lessons, we will refund you for all lessons not yet taken. Naturally, we can only reimburse you for pre-payments paid to the Company not those paid directly to the Instructor. We are certainly not trying to be the cheapest Driving School! We believe the old saying: “You get what you pay for” and are determined to ensure all our customers receive value for money. The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends 47 hours of professional tuition to pass your test. The practical test today is very different from that of a generation ago (parents please note!). Proper, structure Forever Driving School training prepares you for the test in the most efficient way and FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL will give you safe-driving-skills-for-life. If lessons look so cheap that it looks ‘too good to be true’, there will be a reason why they are cheap. With FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL, you are buying “value for money” lessons Our mission is to teach you to safe driving skills. To deliver on this, we offer state of the art online training via FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL’s Trainer that is proven to boost your chance of passing the practical test by 14%. Check it out! It’s free when you learn with FOREVER DRIVING SCHOOL – now that’s giving customer value! Good luck with your lessons and remember when you are driving, it’s always better to get there late than not at all. Drive safe.

Our Instructors & Testers

Top Instructors From Chandigarh
Jason Lin
Wilson Jim
Eva Brown
Martin Gil

Courses We Offer

Our Driving School Provide Best Courses For Our Learners
Teen Courses
Teen Courses

Our 15 days safe teen driving course teaches teens and their parents driving fundamentals including sound judgment, good decision making, and physical control of any vehicle in real life road and traffic conditions. It includes hands on behind the wheel instruction in a safe, controlled environment, and classroom curriculum centered on preparing students mentally. Register now

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Defensive Courses
Defensive Courses

Forever Driving School offer both teen and adult driver education programs, including private lessons, driving tests and insurance certifications. Our 24 / 7 online enrollment will let you reserve your seat in the class. You can get in touch with a customer support team member by email, or calling.

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Handicap Courses
Handicap Courses

Handicap courses are designed for handicap people who want to drive freely on the road. We will arrange for you, a vehicle with hand controls with an instructor who has many years of experience teaching in the field. In many cases the hand controls may not be needed in some cases they are.

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Crash Courses
Crash Courses

Intensive Driving Courses. For those of you in a bit of a hurry to pass your test and get your driving licence, RED can offer the option of intensive driving lessons. An intensive driving course can be great when starting your lessons from scratch or just wanting to brush up on your skills before sitting your test.

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Our Vehicles

We Provide Well Maintained Vehicles For Our Learners
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